The city of Eilat, located at the southernmost tip of Israel on the shores of the Red Sea, is a popular holiday destination.

With an average of only five days of rain per year, Eilat is usually associated with sunny beaches, tropical underwater life, watersports and a good selection of hotels, pubs and restaurants.

If you’re a mountain biker, and you find yourself sitting on the beach in Eilat and soaking up the sun, looking at the mountains just outside of the city would make you wonder if there are any good trails to ride – and sure enough, there are plenty!

Mountain biking in the desert, Israel
Going epic is what the desert is all about!

The mountains of Eilat offer a wide variety of riding experiences. There are epic 50km desert trails, technical shuttle runs, centuries-old singletrack and man built trails. You can find everything from full-on DH tracks to easy XC and touring options surrounding the city.

A typical day in Eilat can start with an early ride up the mountains, grabbing a good lunch in the city, and still having time to hit one of the scuba diving clubs for a visit to the underwater world.

Scuba diving in Eilat, Israel
Great weather and easy shore dives are great for both Scuba and Snorkeling.

Here are some more views of both above and below sea level:

Mountain biking in Timna, Israel
Fast and flowy singletrack in Timna park, Israel
Shipwreck diving, Eilat, Israel
After hitting the trails, you can check out some cool shipwrecks too.
Desert singletrack, Israel
The desert can be as rough or as easy as you’d like. Usually we go for rough!
Scuba diving, Eilat, Israel
Good diving conditions and a rich underwater environment.