Just as folks around the world were preparing for, or at least hoping for a white Christmas, we just got our usual winter weather. Gotta love it!

Meaning, short riding clothes are back out and grippy singletrack with fresh green growth and blue skies are what the day is all about. This time our mid-week session took us to Horshim. An unofficial trail center named after a nearby small town.

Fresh late Decmeber riding
Fresh late December riding

Horshim is where you’d go if you’re looking for a short half day excursion, and particularly enjoy tight, technical and rocky single track. The place is always good fun, allowing a lot of playtime and just exploring the geographically compact area – finding new trails and elements to try out on each ride.

Somewhat typical old vs. new landscape
Somewhat typical old vs. new landscape

To show you more, we shot a little video this time as well – enjoy!

Tired of slogging it out in the mud? Join us for a riding vacation and enjoy a unique mountain biking winter destination!