This ride report takes us from the city of Arad, at about 640 meters above sea level, all the way down to the Dead Sea, 420 meters below sea level and the lowest point on Earth – get ready to dive!

MTB ride to the dead sea - mostly down the hill
Mountain bike ride to the Dead Sea – mostly down the hill

The winter is the perfect season for desert rides. Israel’s compact geographic size easily allows to head out for a full day of riding in good weather even if there’s rain in the North and center of the country.

Awesome views towards the dead sea
Awesome views towards the Dead Sea

Video of the Arad to Dead Sea ride:

This trail features some fairly technical bits and some easier and more flowy singletrack. The trail takes us through about 30km of great riding on varried terrain, and without too much climbing at all (we use a shuttle for gaining access to the trailhead).

Fun techy sections decorate the trail
Fun techy sections decorate the trail

This area offers quite a few trails heading downwards to the Dead Sea, but between the different options starting out in Arad, this one is usually our favorite!

It's salt! not snow...
It’s salt! Not snow…