Israel is not a big country, and getting your bearings is typically easy. The main cities are Tel Aviv, situated on the Mediterranean border just about in the middle of the country, with Jerusalem 60 kms south-west from Tel Aviv. The major Northern city of Haifa is found 100 kms north of Tel Aviv, also along the Mediterranean coast. To the south, Beer Sheva marks the start of the Negev desert, which borders Egypt to the south. The Red Sea resort of Eilat is the Southernmost point of the country, whilst to the North the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon have borders with Lebanon and Syria.

Rent a car to explore the country under your own steam, or use the extensive public transport network of buses and trains to move around. Even if you get a bit lost, improvising navigation on the roads is easy – even number roads are North/South in direction, whilst uneven numbered roads travel East/West. And the smaller the number, the bigger the road. Road 6 is Israel’s only toll road, it connects the North to the South with 2 or 3 lanes the whole way.

Of course, if you are here on a Sababike adventure, all you have to worry about is how not to miss the great views on BOTH sides of the vehicle!

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