If you are not in Israel for the specific purpose of riding your bike, chances are, you didn’t bring it. Well, that won’t stop you from getting a little riding in, if that’s what you want to do. As part of your Sababike guided ride, we can set you up with a hard tail or full suspension trail bike (freeride/downhill bikes are currently not available for rent). If you are looking for a full suspension bike of high quality, take care to book early, because there are not many available. Simpler hardtails are readily available, including for large groups (up to 100 riders).

We do not rent out mountain bikes as a stand alone service (only as part of a Sababike guided ride).

Full Suspension Mountain Bike Rental

  • per day
  • includes insurance waiver for crash damage (not theft)

Hardtail Mountain Bike Rental

  • priced per day or per stay
  • includes insurance waiver for crash damage (not theft)

Prices available on demand.