Israel, the land of milk, honey…and sweet singletrack! All over the country, whether they are 700-year old trade routes or purpose-built by the forestry commission, Israel offers an unparalleled richness of accessible mountain bike trails. Whether you are day-tripping or here for a week of riding, we can promise you one thing: you’ll have a lot of fun on these trails. We’ll pick a route that suits your skill level and the season, leaving you to focus on your riding and taking in the many sights along the way.

The North

The Northern region of Israel is mountainous, and covered with forests and farmland. The riding here is challenging, with an abundance of technical singletrack weaving its way up and down the mountains offering superb riding and breathtaking scenery. If downhill and freeride is your thing, we’ll take you to a few good “secret” spots for a bit of airtime too.



The Central Region

The Central region of Israel consists mainly of rolling hills, meadows, and forests. The riding here is slightly less physically demanding than in the North, but no less rewarding – the focus here is on flowy trails that let you zip through the forest while enjoying the bumps, rollers, rocks, and super fast turns of the mostly natural trails found here. You can also explore the Jerusalem region which provides more challenging riding, as it sits on a mountain range known for its technical singletrack – best enjoyed with a shuttle service as the climbs can be brutal!



The South

The desert in Israel – a magical place if ever there was one. It seems empty and barren when you first set foot in it, but spend a few hours exploring and you’ll start to discover a richness of life seemingly impossible. A strange silence reigns, and after a while, you’ll start to feel more in touch with your senses. Riding in the desert is challenging but incredibly rewarding. Explore centuries-old trade routes like the Sugar Trail, picking your way through rockgardens or flowing along super-fast ridgelines – exhilarating and cleansing. The return to civilization at the end of the day will come as a shock, guaranteed!


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