Everybody knows how to ride a bicycle, right? Well, that is only partially true when it comes to mountain biking. Riding a modern mountain bike down singletrack has very little to do with taking a city cruiser to the shop to get milk, and there are some basic mountain biking fundamentals that even pro riders constantly have to go back to and work on.

Proper riding technique lets you increase the amount of fun you get out of your rides tenfold. It’s not about racing the clock, nor about hitting the biggest jumps, it’s about finding your flow and riding with more control. Start paying attention to the fundamentals, and going bigger, faster, and safer will become a natural byproduct. Become the mountain biker you always wanted to be with the help of our experienced coaching staff!

Sababike Skills Coaching

Individual Coaching Session


Individual Coaching Sessions are typically 2 hour workshops, where we focus on a particular topic or aspect of riding. Sessions will always include a check up of basic body position, plus any topic of the session itself:

  • Body Position
  • Basic Bike Skills
  • Braking and Descending
  • Trail Vision and Line Choice (where to look and how to get there)
  • Turns
  • Jumps and Drops
  • Price: 90 EUR per session
  • Up to 2 riders.
Private MTB technical skills coaching
Private MTB technical skills coaching


Group Coaching Sessions

Group Sessions cover the same topics as individual sessions, but allow more than one rider to attend the same workshop.  This reduces the cost for each individual participant, and creates a stimulating atmosphere where riders work together towards the same goals. Group Sessions are usually 3-4 hours long.

  • Groups up to 6 riders: 130 EUR/session
  • Groups of 6-12 riders: 180 EUR/session
MTB technical skills coaching for groups
MTB technical skills coaching for groups


Themed Groups

Themed groups are recurring group rides that focus on progression over several workshops. For example, you and your friends might be planning a summer riding holiday in the Alps, and you want to build up your skills ahead of time. We’ll meet with your group weekly, and work together according to a well-defined plan of progression. Contact us for logistics and pricing.

Customized MTB skills coaching
Customized MTB skills coaching

Feel ready to get more out of mountain biking? Contact us today to book your sessions!