The Sugar Trail is an old trade route that was used to transport spices and condiments up from the Dead Sea towards Jerusalem. Today, with the help of the modern mountain bike and a shuttle to the top, we enjoy the trail in the opposite direction. The Sugar Trail ride starts in Ma’ale Adumim, adjacent to Jerusalem, and you very quickly find yourself isolated and feeling like you just landed on another planet. There is nothing like the quiet and calm of the desert!

The riding here is fairly technical, although the trail is one of the most frequented in the Judean desert and thus is usually in quite good condition. The rolling surface is very fast, part of the charm of riding in the desert – but beware surprise rocks and gravel in the turns, you can lose grip out here in a blink. An hour into the ride and you’ll be feeling a lot more confident and at home on this very particular trail surface.

The views towards the Dead Sea along the way are scenic, and give good opportunity for a little rest (sorely needed, because although this trail is shuttled from top to bottom starting at 600 meters altitude and ending at 350 meters BELOW sea level, there are a couple of steep climbs along the way as you pass between valleys). As you zoom along some of the fast open sections you’ll have the opportunity to really let loose and carve up some turns, freeride style – but remember, the desert is a fragile environment, and we try to leave it as we found it.

The trail ends in Almog, next to the Dead Sea, which is where you would have parked a second vehicle (or we pick you up if you’re on a ride with Sababike).

The Sugar Trail is one of the most fun ways to discover desert riding – if you haven’t been already, you should definitely go!

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Check out the map, altitude graph and GPX file download link below:

Download file: sugar road from keidar.gpx

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