Ayalon Park (aka Canada Park) is conveniently located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The terrain is ideal for trail riding with climbs and descents that are not too steep, combined with lots of rock surfaces and flowy singletrack to keep any mountain biker busy and happy.

The park has one official bike trail, which is great fun but rather short. Join any local rider (or take a Sababike tour!) and you’ll get an expanded view of the area. A typical ride in the park will take around 2-3 hours if you are on good pace, and includes mostly singletrack and some 4X4 roads – the latter used only for climbing.

The map and file below provide a nice 16km loop of the park which will take you through most of the best trail sections and give you a nice feel for the area.¬†One of our highly recommended rides if you’re staying in the center and looking for a quick getaway on a mountain bike!

In the video below check out some of the action from the local all mountain sprint league – this shows about 2.5 km out of the loop, and gives a good idea of what the terrain has to offer.