The Beeri Singletrack has long been a staple of the Israeli mountain bike scene. Located about 100 kms South of Tel Aviv, the trail here is one of the very first purpose-built mountain bike trails in Israel. The trail head also features a bike shop which in addition to being able to fix most of your bike related problems can also sell you new gear or rather tasty coffee, should you feel the urge.

The singletrack experience here is unique. Another few kilometers south from Beeri and the desert proper begins – but you can already feel it here. The soil is sand-based, but the single is hardpacked most of the year. In fact, because of the high sand content, the trail here only gets better with rain, so it is a favorite destination for riders from Central Israel whenever the weather turns inclement.

The area lacks any mountains, but the trail serves up a rollercoaster of a ride regardless. It makes full use of the natural undulations of the terrain, and you can ride it as hard or as leisurely as you want. You won’t find any big technical features here to ride, but lots of flow in unique surroundings. Should you time your visit to early spring, you’ll also be treated to the desert in bloom, which is quite spectacular!

The best time to ride the Beeri Singletrack is all year round, except for the warmest months of summer of course.