The Nafataly mountains and the Manara cliff area has long been known as the main DH spot in Israel. Now, instead of being a hardcore attraction only, the mountain is also open for some excellent and epic XC riding.

The new Naftaly Mountain Singletrack is a recent addition to the growing network of official mountain biking trails in Israel. The trail is about 23km long, with a respectable 700 or so meters of total climbing. While the trail itself isn’t too technical, it does require you to be at least in OK shape for the climbs, especially if you want to have fun with the flowy descents.

Naftaly Mountain singletrack
One more mountain biking specific trail in Israel.

The trail supplies great views and lookouts to the Hula valley and the Golan heights, and we were lucky to meet some of the local forest residents on our ride.

Other good trails close by include the Birya trail, and in the near future a new singletrack being built in the Golan heights as you read these lines.

A trail resident
We’re faster than him! One of the local trail residents…

While in the area, you can visit Rosh Pina for plenty of dining options or tour the Galilee. The trail is even suitable for single day excursions, with Tel Aviv only about 2.5 hours drive away.

Manara trails in XC
The trail is well built, not too technical, flowy and with awesome views.

Map, data and GPS file:

Download file: Manara XC.gpx