Shredding singletrack in the Israeli winter!
Shredding singletrack in the Israeli winter!

Israel’s winters are mild, with average temperatures hovering around 15 degrees Celsius. Most of the rainfall in the country occurs from December to February, which allows the land to recover from the long and dry summer. Riding conditions are optimal as the ground dries quickly, and the abundance of rad trails put on their prettiest faces to welcome spring. This is the best time of the year to enjoy mountain biking in the land of milk and honey! For example, this trail is 10 minutes from Sababike HQ, but we never get tired of it:

In the North, the riding is mountainous. Forests and meadows are littered with fun single track, and there is always somewhere to ride, even if it rains. And give the sun a couple of days to work its magic, and hero dirt is back on the menu! If the weather does take a turn for the worst, all we have to do is head south. A couple of hours driving, and the vast deserts of Israel are ready to show you riding unlike anything you’ve probably experienced before.

Riding in the desert is fast, fun, flowy, and quite technical in parts. With average temperatures around 20 Celsius in the winter, this is the perfect season to enjoy everything the desert has to offer. In fact, the desert riding season ends in May, when it gets too hot to be enjoyable. There’s still plenty of time to book your trip!

Maybe you’ll come across UK Enduro World Series racer James Stock, he visits a lot and as you can see, makes the most of our rad trails:

Thanks to Yoel Bender for the edit below, from a recent adventure we took Yoel and his friends on. Are you next?